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Services to Help Your Operation Thrive

At Performance Premixes, we pride ourselves on our service. We take leading Pioneer® brand products and combine them with expert services and over 30 years of local know-how and hard work. And we do it with a smile.

Services Designed to Boost Your Success

  • Grass Seed Mixing

    Grass Seed Mixing

    Unsure which grass seed to mix with your alfalfa seed? We will create a custom blend to meet your operation’s needs.

  • TruChoice® Financing

    TruChoice® Financing

    Looking for more ways to save? Now there is a better way to buy your Pioneer® brand products and Corteva Agriscience™ crop protection products with the TruChoice® offer. Up to 15% upfront savings on your Corteva crop protection with Pioneer purchase.

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  • Granular Digital Solutions

    Granular Digital Solutions

    Granular Digital Solutions® is an industry-leading digital system that gathers agronomic and financial data, such as field plan yields and input costs, in one convenient place to help you make more informed decisions.

  • Field Plans

    Field Plans

    Looking for assistance with your field plans? We develop detailed product placement plans tailored to your operation and its goals.

  • Drone Imagery/Aerial Field Scouting

    Drone Imagery/Aerial Field Scouting

    As your Corteva Flight uses the latest drone video technology to assist with stand assessments and gap analysis for select Pioneer® brand products. Plus, you can quickly and easily scout areas with its birds-eye mode, bringing more information to your early and mid-season decisions.

  • Seed Treatment

    Seed Treatment

    Looking for tested treatments to protect the genetics of your Pioneer® brand products? LumiGEN™ seed treatment technology is built specifically to defend against a broad spectrum of threats. Help your seeds start strong and maximize your return on investment with LumiGEN seed treatment.

  • Seed Delivery

    Seed Delivery

    Tired of delivery that’s not reliable? You can count on us for delivery of seeds when and where you want them.

  • Seed Tender Use

    Seed Tender Use

    Need your bulk seed delivered to your field? We offer the use of high-performance tenders to help you plant more efficiently.

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